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There are two basic ways to post images on the blog of your WordPress blog.

  1. The first option is easy. All you need to do is grab an image URL already created and then insert it into the HTML portion within Your WordPress editor. This web page for images is already placed on your site or on a third-party server. It is also necessary to indicate the dimensions needed for the image as well as the alt tag that you would like to use and, if you wish an image alignment (left center, middle or left) you would like to align the image. Then save the article. It’s as simple as it gets. You can add, just before the image’s URL, the URL to which that you wish the image to be redirected to once clicked, and all hyperlinks. This way the image will be hosted on a website that is not part of that of your WordPress blog directory, but it is located on your hosting server. This method can be difficult if you’re not a pro at it. The other method is simple. If you don’t want to alter the web page that the image is redirection to and the dimensions Many affiliate programs provide their images URLs(complete) that have redirection already in place. All you need to do is add it, without modification into the HTML section in the WordPress editor. It is essential to have an exact match (in dimensions) banner or image, otherwise you’ll need to be able to tweak the dimensions to achieve the exact fit you desire.
  2. By using this method, we let WordPress to create the URL for the image and the image will then be stored directly within the WordPress blog directory on your site, which is on the server of your web host. In this instance you just right-click on any image you wish add to your WordPress blog and then “save as” to a desired directory (probably”My Pictures”) “My Pictures”) on your computer. Then, you place your cursor in your editor where you’d like to add the image. Look at the dashboard at the top of your editor to find the symbol “image” and click to start your upload pimpandhost lsh“. Select “browse” and select the specific image that you “saved as” onto your computer and then upload it. Then, “insert into post” to get the perfect shape you’re looking for all you have do is change the dimensions i.e. width and height according to your needs.

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