No matter what type of football you decide to play, there are some certain skills you need to do well. And obviously with Soccer or Football you need to master the skill of kicking.

In football there are a number of different demands, from passing the ball to a teammate who is a few feet away to a high power swerving kick for goal from 20-30 metres out.

The important thing to remember is you will get different levels of accuracy, power and height depending on which part of the foot you use, which part of the ball you kick or whether your knee is behind the ball or over it. It sounds hard, but it’s not, it just comes down to practice and repetition.

Practice with your friends or practice kicking to a wall. Once ทางเข้า ufabet you have done this for a period of time, you will find quickly what works for you.

There are 3 Important things you need to remember.

1) Any player should make sure they are lined up with the ball as it approaches. This is extremely important.

2) You need to decide very quickly once the ball is in the air what part of your body you will use to control it once it arrives. Making this decision early, means you will be well prepared when the ball gets to you.

3) You will need to cushion the ball when it arrives, a skill that is vital otherwise the ball will bounce of you into your grateful opponent! Cushioning is simply relaxing your body at the moment of impact and allow that part of your body to just “give”. When you use your foot to cushion, just ensure your foot is slightly of the ground, with a relaxed ankle