Does Your Team Play Most Games in an Empty Stadium? Think Loyalty, it is a Gift That Keeps on Giving

We can not understand the role of marketing in football without understanding the concept of loyalty in the game. Football is characterized by assumptions. There is a belief that football fans are very loyal to their clubs, rain or sunshine they will be there for it. This belief is responsible for the low level of activity in marketing football as compared to other forms of business. Research about loyalty in football has been carried out and the assumption of deep loyalty to the game is far from the truth.

Dr Alan Tapp a Senior Lecturer at the Bristol Business School, University of West England carried out a research about fan loyalty vis-à-vis their clubs for a period of five years. The results completely shattered the assumption of fan undying loyalty for their clubs. This research was done in England, a country arguably with the best fan experience in the football loving world.

Dr Tapp discovered that not all supporters have the same level of loyalty. He discovered that the game has fanatics, repertoire football lovers (just love the game) and at the bottom of the rank we have the carefree casuals. The fanatics will go for every game involving their team and know everything about their team. The repertoire fans will go to enjoy football per say, if they can (they see game as another entertainment option) and ราคาต่อรองบอล ufabet the casual carefree will support from afar, just waiting for results. Do majority of football fans fall into the last category? This research tells us that football customers (fans) though they can not be categorized in the traditional business sense, because their loyalty does not purely depend on success of their teams, but in the same breath it can not be taken for granted.

What does this research tell us in a nut shell? It tells us that football should take the issue of marketing as serious as other businesses because people do not have similar affinity to the team they favor. There is no undying loyalty across the board among the supporters. People do love football yes, but they can switch to other entertainment if ignored or if their team struggles. The fans do not stop supporting the team, they simply withdraw their custom. Because football is not similar to other businesses this custom is not easily transferable to another team, this means that the industry of football loses in totality. In South Africa for example, football fans seem to have withdrawn their custom and football as a whole is losing.