Every Home is Contaminated – The Reality of Poor Air Quality Will Make You Sick

As the outside climate reaches frigid or uncomfortably warm temperatures, many home owners and businesses rely on the heating and air conditioner system to provide a comfortable interior environment. One of the many problems with relying heavily on these HVAC systems has been experienced by allergy sufferers for decades. Even though outside air is introduced into the heating and air conditioning cycle, much of the interior air is being recirculated throughout the building which increase the chances of passing along bacteria and viruses.

A key concern that has received recent heavy attention from the media and medical professionals is that of contracting bacteria and viruses. H1N1, or swine flu, is a good example of a virus for which many medical professionals and politicians have attempted to find a solution in order to prevent it from reaching epidemic proportions.

Air quality tests, provided by many HVAC service companies, are a beneficial service. There are limitations to what these tests will detect. Certain tests are designed to only detect one hazard, such as the home owner radon tests, while air quality testing provided by a service professional tests for a variety of hazards. Most of the air quality testing will check for molds, spores, and fungus, as well as carbon monoxide, radon, and other volatile organic compounds, or V.O.C.s. Special steps are needed, however, to eliminate the threat binnenmilieu of radon, carbon monoxide, and other V.O.C.s. Service professionals are almost always required to help handle the deadly effects of these gases and situations in order to return the home or business to a safe status. The presence of these dangerous contaminants should not be dismissed.

One of the few preventative measures the average home owner can perform themselves is to replace the existing air filter with an electrostatic air filter. These filters do cost a little more, but are recognized by professionals to be more effective at filtering the air than just a traditional mesh style filter. Getting in the habit of either regularly replacing the mesh style air filter or cleaning the electrostatic air filter is just one of many steps in the combating harmful impurities. By servicing the air filter, it will help to minimize the amount of pollen, dust, and irritants.

There are other steps, such as duct cleaning, that can be taken to improve indoor air quality. Many professional air conditioning companies offer services of this type and more. It is important to note, however, that there is no method that will 100% completely eradicate every single harmful contaminant and contagion, but with a few more proactive steps, the home owner or business can greatly reduce the effects of these troublesome elements.