Let me start off with a little background on myself before I outline the Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts of Fantasy Football. I have been playing Fantasy football forever, at least it seems that way; just ask my wife. For at least the last decade, I have consistently made the playoffs, and have won it all the last 2 years in a row, in fact 3 out of the last 5 years.

I provided these same tips to my business partner about 5 years ago; he has followed them and they have helped him win it all a couple of times, as well as being a consistent division and playoff winner. I believe they will work for you as well.

Fantasy Football’s Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts

1. Don’t Get Drunk at your Draft; save it for after you make your picks.
2. Do be prepared for the Draft and every week during the season
3. Don’t get caught up in over analyzing the preseason to death; it’s basically a show place for borderline players. Many will not have fantasy impact; so calm down and don’t get too  www.ufabet excited about preseason stats.
4. Don’t Draft a quarterback in the first Round
5. Don’t draft Tight Ends, Kickers and Defenses too early in the draft; these positions should be taken near the end of your draft.
6. Do look for quality back ups and sleepers in the later rounds take a calculated risk on a difference maker in these rounds
7. Don’t draft all you favorite players from the same team; big mistake! One key injury could cost you the entire season.
8. Don’t make bonehead trades that are so one sided that it disrupts the balance of the league
9. Do make sure you set your line up each week; nothing ruins it for the rest of the league more than someone who fails to set their lineup; by leaving players in the lineup when those players have a Bye week. That just sucks; if you can’t commit don’t sign up.
10. Do have Fun, that’s what it is all about!

Know Your Fantasy Football League’s Scoring System

A key factor in Fantasy Football that many overlook or completely ignore is your league’s scoring system. Not knowing your scoring system hurts your player and position selection at draft time. You need to know where your most points will be coming from in your leagues’ scoring system in order to draft the right players.

For example: if your league is giving more points to the running game instead of the passing game. Then it doesn’t make much sense to draft a great passing QB. You should focus on a RB early in the draft.

So take a few minutes and get to know the scoring system. Assuming that Fantasy scoring will be the same as regular NFL scoring would be a big mistake. What if in your league you only get 1 point for a passing touchdown and 6 points for a rushing touchdown; wouldn’t that be good to know? Especially before the draft!

Vince has been playing Fantasy Football for approximately 15 years. He consistently makes the playoffs; his recent results include making the palyoffs 4 out the last five years. During that same time period he has Won It All 3 times.