In the current game of football or soccer lately, a particular system or formation called of 4-5-1 has had a more frequent use, particularly by smaller clubs, clubs, or nations that are playing abroad. Here are five reasons this type of system or formation is used.

An understanding of what the system means is required. A 4-5-1 refers to the use of a goalkeeper with four defenders, five midfielders and a forward. A good illustration of a team that has made an impact with the system is Greek National in European Football Championships 2004, where they were crowned as champions owing to the implementation of this type of system. Let’s look at the reason.

  1. Flexibility – Soccer, or football is a game that moves quickly that allows an attack to be converted into a counter-attack of the opposing team when the possession of the ball is taken away. Therefore, the use of a 4-5-1 formation permits flexibility both in attack as well as defense. When attacking or capturing the ball, left and right midfielders could act as wingers, allowing them to move up to join the striker. Additionally, out among the central three midfielders two or three could be pushed to join in the attack, while the other midfielder would return to support the defense in the event of a counter or break attack from the opposing team. For defense or with no having possession the five-man midfield could be able to press the opponent to take back possession of the ball. A different example is the five man midfield will bring more strength to the midfield in order to gain or keep possession to reduce the pressure on the back.
  2. Defensively defending a lead of one goal in certain games there are games that can be extremely close and one goal could decide the result. So, many managers prefer to utilize a 4-5-1 system to protect the lead during the final ten to twenty hours of the match. The system’s flexibility can be seen in the previous paragraph under the first point. The system could also permit players to launch counter attack in the event that the opposition throws caution in the wind to equalize. Another goal is to move the ball to reduce the time and the most effective way to do this is to maintain possession.
  3. Participating in an away game In modern day league games it is important to score a point in the game that is drawn, particularly if the game is on the road or against a formidable opponent is vital. This is because most home teams will play the best they can to prevail in their home stadium with their fans behind them, acting as the 12th player. For instance, in recent games such as Liverpool against Birmingham City or Manchester United against Reading the two teams City and Reading utilized a 4-5-1 method to stop midfielders from Liverpool or United. The strategy usually allows teams to walk away with one point or to avoid the beating by a strong opponents. This would usually mean victory for the lesser teams.
  4. Afflicting a stronger opponent as mentioned in the 3rd paragraph, when playing the strongest opposition in the home arena, a 4-5-1 strategy could be used with the same purpose of earning points or avoiding a major loss. A stance towards games could be interpreted as a denialist approach รีวิวเว็บแทงบอล ดีมากๆ, but surviving in the highest leagues in the world will bring in huge profits for clubs. A good example of this of this is an example is the English Premiership where millions can be lost if a team gets eliminated. Thus, certain teams may utilize this strategy to prevent the possibility of a low scoring loss or a draw for one point, while others would prefer an aggressive one is more appropriate is when playing against teams with similar stature.
  5. Injuries – This is by far the most infrequent reason for the 4-5-1 formation could be used. The reason for this is a simple one. There are more midfielders and defenders than strikers at a club. Therefore, if a team is in an injury to a striker and is in need of treatment, it might be more likely to use the same system as other clubs. In addition, using players who are familiar with positions will have more effect than using them in an untrained position.