Pre Contest Tips For Winning Any Bodybuilding Contest

Bodybuilders train most of the year to build muscle. But for some reason, when they begin dieting for a show, some forget that they are bodybuilders. They stop training to build muscle. Their sole focus is losing body fat, at all costs, which often leads to excessive lost muscle. Muscle is not an entity that one can “pause” – your muscles are always in a state of hypertrophy (growth) or atrophy (shrinking). When bodybuilders neglect additional needs the body faces during a calories deficit time period (like a pre-contest diet), the end result is often unnecessary muscle loss. Manipulation of supplements, fats, and carbohydrates can assist in countering the muscle loss, which often accompanies a pre-contest diet.


Creatine should be taken for the entire duration of the pre-contest routine, and removed in the last week as sodium and water levels are manipulated in the drying-out process. EFA’s (essential fatty acids) in the form of Fish Oil should be consumed the entire time, at the dosage of 1 gram, three times per day with meals. Finally, a good thermogenic compound like Tridenosen H should be used for the duration of the pre-contest diet. It will assist in leaning effects with nearly the effectiveness of a clen or a t3, and its protein sparing effect will be of great assistance as protein grams are lowered in accordance with carbohydrate and fat sarms for bulking manipulation, keeping the total caloric intake steady.

Carbohydrate manipulation

In the last 5 weeks before the show, manipulating carbohydrate levels, in both type and number, is essential. Alternating two high-carb days with one low-carb day is effective for many, but that can change as show day approaches. Carb type awareness, however, is essential every day.

Carbohydrate consumption should revolve around training time. Half of your daily carbs should be consumed around workout time. One-sixth of your daily carbs should be consumed before training, and 2/3 of your total daily carbs should be consumed after training. Post-training carbs should be of the simple carb variety in order to spike insulin levels during that very small window when glycogen levels are at their lowest. The result is curbed cortisol levels in the bloodstream during the most dangerous time of the day for losing muscle!

Fat manipulation

In the last 3 weeks before the show, bump up healthy fat consumption by 30 grams on low-carb days. Fish, almonds, or olive oil are the best choices.

Additionally, protein levels may need to be manipulated higher or lower, depending upon current intake levels and overall caloric totals. Some bodybuilders find that lowering protein and raising fat levels, while keeping total calories the same, yields terrific results. Above all, keep an observant eye on the mirror, on the scale, and on what your body is telling you. Use this information as a guideline, but always strives to find the precise timing and macronutrient levels that suit you’re dieting needs best.