If you tried playing or even reading about the new MMO game by Cryptic Studios called Star Trek Online, surely you noticed how the game is much more complicated than your average massively multiplayer online game. Since the game is still new and only recently released, finding quality information about various game aspects is very difficult and unless you want to figure out everything yourself, which will take awhile, I suggest you try reading a good Star Trek Online guide.

In order to figure out if these guides are worth it I’ll list some of the contents found in one of them so you can decide yourself. One of these guides is a strategy guide, meaning it contains tips, tricks, strategies and guides extensively covering different areas of the game, thus making it easier to learn the basics as well as advanced things much faster than it would take a regular player to do.

If you’re looking for detailed information about leveling, skills, ships, professions, traits, combat, making energy credits, equipment, or pretty much anything else you can find in  judi slot Star Trek you’ll no doubt find it in a strategy guide. The good thing is these guides are often updated with even more info and as soon as something in a game changes, typically when a new patch hits the servers these strategy guides are again updated for free. It’s beneficial since you never have access to any outdated material, while some forums and sites are not as fast when it comes to updating their content.