Steven Gerrard Pictures an Even Better Performance Next Season With Liverpool

Steven Gerrard is already one of the most talented midfielders in the world, and he is obviously a player and person who sets his standards very high – according to his manager at Liverpool, Rafael Benitez, Gerrard has requested to be able to watch a DVD showing his advantages and weaknesses as shown during a football match.

The Liverpool backroom staff produce DVD’s on all players at the club from ufabet สมัครผ่านมือถือ footage of past matches which they watch back, occasionally with the player, to be able to highlight any good attributes in their game and also, more importantly, any bad attributes in their game. This enables the football player to be aware of his good points in games, and to try and keep that aspect of his game up, whilst also to pinpoint the negative side to their game, so that they can try to cut out this aspect either by improving their decision making, training harder to improve in certain areas of the game, and so on.

Steven Gerrard apparently went out of his way to request that the club produces a DVD highlighting his own performances in recent seasons, and so he can strive to improve his own displays. According to his manager Benitez, Steven Gerrard pictures himself playing even greater in the future, once he can eradicate any possible downsides to his play. Although this is not a new technique when it comes to sports coaching, it is surprising that someone as good as Steven Gerrard would openly approach his manager with the view to improving his performances, and surely goes some way in showing what a true professional and hard-working individual that Gerrard is.