LCD Televisions are regarded as the most modern high-definition Televisions as they provide great image and color quality. Lately, LCD TV’s fame has suddenly boomed. Said technology is already growing and it can now be said at this time that the same is already as good as DVD and IBM. One fact which may not be widely known is that LCD technology was in fact discovered way back in 1888. Hence, the idea of LCD TV would mean to be at least eighty years old! This happened when the liquid crystallization properties were uncovered by one Austrian scientist named Friedrich Reinitzer. Conceivably, the initial efforts in order to develop the course of liquid crystallization concerning commercial products were credited to George Heilmeier. Heilmeier, who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, received his Master of Arts, Master of Science in Engineering, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees on Solid State materials and electronics. He also graduated from BS in Electrical TCL Google TV engineering in the University of Pennsylvania. He, together with some notable persons such as Joseph Catellano, Lucian Barton, Joel Goldmacher, and Louis Zanoni, created the LCD technology. This was when he was thereafter employed with the RCA Laboratories in Princeton University.

Prior to the emergence of LCD Television, that was when it was finally placed together in one piece, single components of the said technology underwent initial development. The outcome, following the conduct of several tests with liquid crystals, is the LCD or Liquid crystal display. During the course of testing this technology, there was a discovery by the RCA that it was physically possible to make timepieces, calculators, etc with LCD. Digital alarms are commonly contained in timepieces at present and this is because of the efforts of Heilmeier with RCA.

James Fergason worked for the Liquid Crystal Institute in Kent State University as its associate director and there, he was able to uncover the effect of nematic field. This occurred after the responsibility on the LCD Technology was later transferred to him. Fergason further enhanced the technology. This effect caused LCD TV display models originally created by the Heilmeier’s team to be at its present state as LCD technology.

In 1971, the initial LCD Television discovered by the Fergason’s team was unluckily proven to be dissatisfactory. There were modifications made plus a reverse pull-down correction was added because of the “phantom images”. The said images were then perceptible at the time of action screenings. By reason of the said changes, the image quality present on contemporary LCD TV is now outstanding, as unclear image broadcast is barely shown.