Whether you are trying to create a brand mark for a car company or a sports team, animal attributes are always appropriate to represent your brand.

But different animals sent across different messages about your brand or product which is why you need to make sure that the animal image you choose for your emblem reflects the true essence of your company.

For example, if you were designing a trademark for an educational institute, then you would want to select an animal like an owl to represent wisdom and knowledge.

But can you use the same owl for a college football logo design?

I highly doubt that!

But before we tell you what animal images you should use for your emblem, let us tell you why you need a fierce animal to adorn your emblem?

Sports are all about intimidating your opponent team. There might be a lot of skill and practice involved in the process but the biggest role in threatening the rivals is played by the team branding. There is nothing more fearsome than images of formidable animals which make them the perfect candidate to adorn any football team symbol.

So, below mentioned are a few animal image suggestions that you can use for your sports team.

• Wild Cats:
Fast, sleek, brave and graceful; wild cats are perfect to send shivers down the ทางเข้า ufabet opponents spines. You can use images of lions, jaguars, leopards and tigers in your team monogram and to make the image of this creature even more intimidating, make sure that it is either growling or looks ready to scratch in the image.

• A Hawk:
Even though it is one of the most aggressive birds, its claim to fame also lies in the fact that it is America’s national bird. It is a symbol for justice, bravery and authority which make it the perfect candidate for your emblem if you want to tell your opponents and fans that you may be aggressive but you fight fair.

• A Bull:
Determined and powerful; when this fierce creature charges, nothing can stand in its way and your rivals know it.

• A Bear:
Who wouldn’t be frightened if a wild and big bear decided to sink its claws into them?
This makes them the perfect applicant for your team monogram.