What would you say if I told you that these 5-star Hotels put this poor quality out on purpose, would you be shocked? I was.

Oh don’t get me wrong, these Hotels are first rate as far as their non-spa services, ambiance and amenities, so why do they go out of their way to hire fresh-just-out-of-school massage therapist?


  • Profit margins
  • Easily trainable for their “Spa Culture”


I’m positive that they have more reason for this other than what I listed, for instances, I know that these 5 star hotels impress upon newly graduated massage therapist, the allure at working such a prestige luxury spa. Once this is accomplished, they throw in a bunch of fluff “employee benefits” to make their massage therapist think, “wow” I am special.

By design someone needs to pay for that terry robe.

These 5 star hotels are very smart they know their industry. They hotel spa alsace purposely avoid hiring massage therapist with experience as they know most likely this massage therapist is “set in his ways” and will not work for such low wages. These Hotels lose a lot of money for instance if they hire a veteran massage therapist, who specializes in deep tissue and delivers that massage to all guest. Advance massage therapist may also find a problem and spend more time there, which the guest did not pay for.

Let me explain have you ever noticed how much they charge just for a 50 minuteand have you noticed how much that price jumps when you get anything extra (i.e. aromatherapy, reflexology, deep tissue or scalp massage), I don’t need to tell you folks. If you had gone to a hotel to a massage then you know what I am talking about it. A 50 minute deep tissue massage with aromatherapy and tip will be over $200 easily, and all that goes to your hotel. Your massage therapist might be lucky to make 15-18% of that total.

Your veteran massage therapist on the other hand may find a problem that needs that extra attention and not care if their customer only paid for a Hotel Signature Spa massage. The massage therapist with experience often will know that in this spa business, your tips may be well over what you get hourly from the Hotel. Your veteran massage therapist will be more customer service orientated than your newly graduated massage therapist will be more likely to do what is required no more no less, until they become smart.