Renting Wii games has some advantages over renting other console games. If you were lucky enough to even get your hands on a Wii, your about to be a little bit lucky again.

If you’ve done any looking around at the different options for renting Wii games online, you’ve probably heard some of the pros and cons already. Likely the biggest complaint with most online game rental companies, is from customers who can’t get the games they really want. The newest games to hit the market are usually just too popular for the game rental companies to keep up with.

But, if you dig a little further, you’ll find that those customers having a hard แทงบอลออนไลน์ time getting the newest games are almost all Xbox, and Xbox 360 customers. They just have bigger customer base, and are much harder for the companies to keep up with. The availability problem with the Wii, is not for the games, but for the Wii console itself. So, if your lucky enough to have a Wii, then you really shouldn’t have a problem getting the games you want.

What this means, is that you should be able to rent all the newest, and most popular Wii games, for a very modest monthly fee. Renting games as a Wii player should actually live up to the hype the game rental companies have been promising all along. Unlike our Xbox brethren, renting Wii games should be a lot more fun. But hey, Wii gamers already knew gaming is more about fun all along 😉